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(1910-1989) Canadian-born US scriptwriter – his collaborative script for the film The Boy with Green Hair (1948) directed by Joseph Losey was much admired – who was soon blacklisted for his earlier membership in the Communist Party, though he managed to write about twenty-five produced scripts under his own and other names; he and his wife Norma Barzman (1920-    ), also creatively active in Hollywood, had moved to Europe by 1949. His sf novel, Out of this World (1960; vt Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 1960; vt Echo X 1962), ambitiously portrays a Counter-Earth – the contrasting world being a scientifically advanced, peaceful Utopia in which World War Two never happened – and tells a love story involving people transported between the two worlds. [JC]

Ben Frank Barzman

born Toronto, Ontario: 12 October 1910

died Santa Monica, California: 15 December 1989


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