Beast of Hollow Mountain, The

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Film (1956; vt Valley of the Mists). Nassour Studios, Inc. Produced by Edward and William Nassour. Directed by Edward Nassour, Ismael Rodriguez. Written by Robert Hill and Jack DeWitt from an idea by Willis H O'Brien. Cast includes Guy Madison, Patricia Medina (Sarita), Mario Navarro (Panchito), Eduardo Noriega (Enrique Rios) and Carlos Rivas (Felipe Sanchez). Dinosaur animation by Henry Lyon, Edward Nassour (uncredited). 79 minutes. Colour.

Jimmy Ryan (Madison), an American cowboy running a cattle ranch in Mexico circa 1900, begins losing cattle to an unknown predator which leaves large tracks behind. The local villagers say it is the work of the "beast" from Hollow Mountain nearby, which supposedly emerges whenever severe drought hits the region. This indeed proves to be the case when a large carnivorous Dinosaur – an Allosaurus – attacks the village, perhaps from an Lost World somewhere Underground within the mountain. The creature proves largely impervious to the Weapons on hand, but is finally destroyed when lured into a quicksand bog.

This modest film is quite well done, especially in its dinosaur animation. It was remade as The Valley of Gwangi (1969), with a somewhat different script and improved stop-motion dinosaur effects by Ray Harryhausen. [GSt]


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