Bennett, Alfred Gordon

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(1901-1962) UK author, documentary film-maker and founder of Pharos Books, through which he published a fantasy, Whom the Gods Destroy (1946), which is set in northeast India, where the abduction of a young woman from a lamasery, so she can be raped, is punished by occult means. His sf novel The Demigods (1939) depicts a world menaced by giant ants from an Underground fastness in Africa, who derive their abilities from an ancient Hive Mind resident in a globe of "force" and capable of hypnotizing humans (see Hypnosis) as well as ants. The growing threat of Fascisms of the right and the left during the 1930s gives credence to the inference that the novel was meant as Satire, and that it is an honourable addition to the range of sf novels warning about the World War Two to come. His father was Arthur Bennett. [JC]

Alfred Gordon Bennett

born Warrington, Cheshire: 11 December 1901

died Colwyn Bay, Wales: 11 August 1962



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