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UK Semiprozine published and edited by David A Riley, Parallel Universe Publications, Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire. It was printed in A4 format on glossy paper but its overall appearance would fall short of being called Slick, although production values did improve over the three issues, which were dated April/May 1995, June/July 1995 and September/October 1995. It resembled, in its contents and artwork, Fantasy Tales, but its wide range of Fantasy, horror and science fiction generally lacked focus, so that although individual contributions may have been satisfactory, there was no strong cohesion, though this also improved as issues progressed and Beyond held considerable promise. Contributors included Keith Brooke, John Brunner, Simon Clark, Colin P Davies, Stephen Gallagher, Brian Stableford and Ian Watson. Riley achieved newsstand distribution but sales were poor and the planned fourth issue, which was promised for some time, never materialized. [MA]

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