Black, Ian Stuart

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(1915-1997) UK author and scriptwriter for television from about 1950, including episodes for Invisible Man (1958), Adam Adamant Lives! (1966), Star Maidens (1976), and most notably three Doctor Who episodes, each of which he novelized: "The Savages" in 1965 as Doctor Who: The Savages (1986), "The War Machines" in 1965 as Doctor Who: The War Machines (1989), and "The Macra Terror" in 1966 as Doctor Who: The Macra Terror (1987). Most of the fiction he wrote in his own right is non-fantastic, though Cry Wolf (1990) is a moderately austere supernatural tale featuring Werewolves. [JC]

Ian Stuart Black

born London: 21 March 1915

died Devon: 13 October 1997



Doctor Who

individual titles

  • Cry Wolf (London: Constable, 1990) [hb/Paul Dunn]


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