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(?1988-    ) South African author whose Near Future Outer Planets sequence, beginning with Tracer (2015), is set in various venues in the Solar System, including an enormous Space Station in near Earth orbit. Containing the remnants of Homo sapiens after the desecration and depopulation of Earth, it serves as a Keep to preserve the species, though the protagonists of the final volume of the trilogy, Impact (2016), having heard what seems to be a signal that the planet may be inhabitable after all, do return home. The Ruined Earth they find there may contain some hope.

Boffard's first singleton, the Young Adult Adrift (2018), begins in a Space Habitat reachable via Wormhole, once a mining station but now a vast resort hotel in interstellar space, where a group of tourists and guides assemble to visit the seemingly nearby Horsehead Nebula; but the habitat is destroyed by enemy action, and their shuttle (see Ship of Fools) is severely damaged; the survivors are left to cope, under increasing stress. Eventually the challenge is met. [JC]

Rob Boffard

born Johannesburg, South Africa: ?1988




Outer Earth

  • Tracer (London: Orbit, 2015) [Outer Earth: pb/]
  • Zero-G (London: Orbit, 2016) [Outer Earth: pb/Nico Taylor]
  • Impact (London: Orbit, 2016) [Outer Earth: pb/]
    • Outer Earth (London: Orbit, 2018) [omni of the above three: Outer Earth: pb/]

individual titles

  • Adrift (London: Orbit, 2018) [pb/]


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