Bogoraz, Vladimir Germanovitch

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(1865-1936) Soviet anthropologist and linguist, who also signed himself Waldemar Bogoras and Tan-Bogoraz; a central figure in the study of the Chukchee language of Siberia, on which he published definitively. His sf novel, Zhertvy drakona (1927; trans Stephen Graham as Sons of the Mammoth 1929 US as by Waldemar Bogoras), is Prehistoric SF which reflects his professional concerns in a tale whose Neanderthal protagonists encounter rising human stock and a "mysterious" beast that turns out to be natural. [JC]

see also: Origin of Man.

Vladimir Germanovitch Bogoraz

born Ovruch, Russia: 27 April 1865

died en route to Rostov-na-Dony, USSR: 10 May 1936


  • Zhertvy drakona (USSR: xxxx, 1927) [binding unknown/]
    • Sons of the Mammoth (New York: Cosmopolitan, 1929) as by Waldemar Bogoras [trans by Stephen Graham of the above: hb/]


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