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(1913-1976) UK author and journalist, a prolific story producer, although rarely of sf. His sf novels, White August (1955) and No Refuge (1956), are both set in frigid conditions. The first is a Disaster tale, dealing with the dire effects of a botched attempt at Weather Control. No Refuge depicts a Lost World Utopia in the Arctic, into which two criminals accidentally irrupt; after a good deal of discussion they are dealt with properly. Operation Red Carpet (1959) is borderline. Holocaust (1974) features a solar-cell satellite which runs amuck, spraying heat-Rays, and is lusted after by the great powers as a Weapon. [JC]

Bertram John Boland

born Birmingham, England: 12 February 1913

died 9 November 1976


  • White August (London: Michael Joseph, 1955) [in the publisher's Novels of Tomorrow series: hb/]
  • No Refuge (London: Michael Joseph, 1956) [in the publisher's Novels of Tomorrow series: hb/Peter Curl]
  • Operation Red Carpet (London: T V Boardman, 1959) [hb/]
  • Holocaust (London: Orbit, 1974) [pb/]


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