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(1873-1920) UK journalist and author, active from the 1890s, some of his work being contributed to Boys' Papers; The Civil War of 1915 (1912) describes a Near Future class war in Britain. "Scare-Mongerings" from the Daily Mail 1896-1914: The Paper That Foretold the War (anth 1914 chap) assembles claimed Predictions of World War One, some fictional; Adventures on the Home Front (coll 1918) is nonfantastic. "A Christmas House-Party (Being Excerpts from the Diary of Samuel Pepys the Second)" in Pears Christmas Annual (anth 1919) is set in 1969, long after a successful workers' revolution, and describes various developments in Technology, including Weather Control, and female emancipation. [JC]

John Twells Brex

born Islington, London: 5 June 1873

died Hendon, Middlesex: 7 January 1920


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