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(?   -    ) US lawyer and author who published his earlier fiction as by Chris Nakashima-Brown, beginning to release work of genre interest (under that name) with "The Launch Pad" in Argosy for January-February 2004. He is of strong sf interest for his first novel, Tropic of Kansas (2017), set in an Alternate History America, the Jonbar Point being the assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1981, after which the great land suffers balkanization. The eponymous tropic is a kind of heart of the heart of the country, fissured into a nightmare territory where Genetic Engineering, Climate Change, fundamentalist Politics, a diseased bitcoin-based crypto-economy (see Economics), and job-eating Robots intermix frenziedly. The style of the telling, determinedly gonzo-transgressive, disguises some of the compromises attendant upon the use of Young Adult protagonists.

This author should not be confused with the UK artist Christopher Brown, who (sometimes as Chris Brown) produced a number of genre book covers in the 1980s and 1990s. [JC]

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