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(circa 1975-    ) US editor, artist and author, whose Hapa background – a term used in California to designate persons whose ethnic background includes an Asian or Pacific Islander strain – infuses his first novel, A Paper Son (2016), set primarily in very Near Future San Francisco (see California) after a month-long storm has inundated the city (see Disaster). Subtly but explicitly, a pattern of waters, under signs of birth, dislocating travel and death, fuses Equipoisally together the sf background and the protagonist's search for a seemingly imaginary (or if not, long dead) Chinese boy at sea whose image he discerns in a teacup; the effect is eerily geographical, as though each reality were the other's Water Margin [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. A Paper Son rows effortlessly through this liquid medium, showing some affinity with the Magic Realist narratives of origin of an author like Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1928-2014) or Carlos Fuentes. [JC]

Jason Buchholz

born Santa Rosa, California: circa 1975



  • A Paper Son (Blue Ash, Ohio: F + W Media/Tyrus Books, 2016) [hb/Frank Rivera]


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