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Pseudonym of UK author Donald Gordon Payne (1924-    ), under which he wrote most of his sf, including two Lost Race novels, The Lost Ones (1961; vt The Island at the Top of the World 1968; rev 1974), set in a warm Viking enclave at the North Pole, and The Mountains at the Bottom of the World (1972; vt Devil Country 1976), set in the southern Andes, where a missing link (see Apes as Human, Evolution) is discovered. The former was filmed by Disney as The Island at the Top of the World (1974). The mechanics of these Cameron plots are generally conventional: in the case of the second novel, they derive from Conan Doyle specifically. Star-Raker (1962), with E E Vielle writing together as by Donald Gordon, is a straightforward adventure; his other novels – presumably with Vielle, though hard evidence is lacking – are similar, featuring Near Future Cold War plots. With George Erskine, Payne wrote two Counter Force franchise tales, Beware the Tektrons (1988) and Find the Tektrons (1988). He has also written mainstream fiction as James Vance Marshall. [JC/PN]

Donald Gordon Payne

born London: 3 January 1924




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