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(1951-    ) US author, critic, and book reviews editor of Publishers Weekly, chiefly known for his work on H P Lovecraft and his circle; he wrote his undergraduate thesis on Lovecraft at Stanford and his MA thesis, "Lovecraft's New England", at Brown University (1974). He began publishing work of genre interest with "You Have Been in Providence, I Perceive" (March 1978 Nyctalops) and "H.P. Lovecraft in Hawthornian Perspective" in H.P. Lovecraft: Four Decades of Criticism (anth 1980) edited by S T Joshi.

Pulptime [for subtitle see Checklist below] (1984 chap) as P H Cannon is an affectionate pastiche, an unwritten chapter from the life of Lovecraft during his dismal years in New York City, bringing Sherlock Holmes to Brooklyn and suggesting the origins of "The Horror at Red Hook" (January 1927 Weird Tales). Cannon's short monograph H P Lovecraft (1989) is full of insight and notable for providing a sober view of the author before his apotheosis into the American canon. Scream for Jeeves: A Parody (coll 1994) stirs P G Wodehouse's immortal Jeeves and Wooster into the Cthulhu Mythos cocktail and, as is the case with all good Parodies, offers a few unexpected critical insights. In The Lovecraft Chronicles (2004), narrated in three linked fictional memoirs, the sage of Providence is taken in hand by a feisty teenager, gets published by Knopf and Gollancz, fights in the Spanish Civil War, and lives until 1960. Cannon remains active in New York Lovecraftian circles such as the New Kalem Club. [HW]

Peter Hughes Cannon

born Palo Alto, California: 19 October 1951



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