Casey, Patrick

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(1892-1941) US author, mostly of adventure stories, sometimes with genre shadings, as in "The Island of Lost Ones" (December 1936-?? 1937 Mystery Adventures). With his brother, Terence Casey, he wrote a Lost Race novel, The Strange Story of William Hyde (1916), featuring female descendants of the Khans; the explorer protagonist falls in love with the queen of the lost City of Jallan Batoe, hidden in a complex of chambers inside a meteor embedded in a Pacific Island, but a priestess falls in love with him. Eros (see Sex) floods the text, but sadly one of the ape-men (see Apes as Human) who jointly inhabit Jallan Batoe kills the queen. [JC]

James Patrick Casey

born San Francisco, California: 12 May 1892 [1893 has also been given]

died Sausalito, California: 25 April 1941



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