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(?   -    ) US-born author – now living in Reykjavik, Iceland – and Videogame columnist for The Mary Sue website, who has also written nonfiction for and whose sf debut was the thoughtfully romantic Space Opera The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (2014). This, after becoming the first self-published novel to be shortlisted for a Kitschies award, was reissued by a leading UK publisher in 2015. The human heroine signs up with the jobbing Starship Wayfarer, which bores new Wormholes through or beneath interstellar space to facilitate Faster Than Light travel; its seemingly ill-assorted crew, including Aliens and an AI, has the air of a family with variously lovable, capable, eccentric and dysfunctional members, depicted with warmth, Humour and some discreet interspecies Sex. Various complications inevitably ensue, including near-Disaster following contact with a race of xenophobes at the titular destination. Interestingly, and against the general grain of space opera, the Wayfarer team eschews Weapons and deals with its crises using co-operation and diplomacy. [DRL]

Becky Chambers

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