Champetier, Joël

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(1957-    ) Canadian writer who began publishing work of genre interest with "Le Chemin des Fleurs" ["The Way of the Flowers"] for Solaris in 1981, and who has published several sf and fantasy novel of interest in French from 1990. La Taupe et le Dragon (1990; rev 1999; trans Louis {TRUDEL} as The Dragon's Eye 1999) is set on a colony world founded and run by Chinese from a Hong Kong-like enclave; the complex plot – involving Earth attempts to control rebellious elements in the colony, which is heavily in debt to the home planet – moves towards a realistic and subdued climax. A later novel, La Peau Blanche ["White Skin"] (1997), Equipoisal among sf, fantasy and the surreal, was filmed in 2004. He is the current editor of Solaris. [JC]

Joël Champetier

born Abitibi, Québec: 30 November 1957



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