Change of Mind

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Film (1969). Directed by Robert Stevens. Produced by Seeleg Lester, Dick Wesson and Henry S White. Written by Lester and Wesson. Cast includes Janet MacLachlan, Leslie Nielsen, Susan Oliver and Raymond St Jacques. 98 minutes. Colour.

A rare movie treatment of Race in SF in a contemporary setting, in which white US district attorney David Rowe undergoes a brain transplant (see Identity Transfer) into the body of a Black man (St Jacques) and experiences racism at first hand while conducting a murder investigation. His wife Margaret (Oliver) has particular difficulty with the situation. The film makes its points effectively enough despite crass lines like "Is he a white man with a Black man's body or a Black man with a white man's brain?" It is also remembered for the soundtrack jazz by Duke Ellington. The novelization is Change of Mind (1969) by Chris Stratton. [DRL]


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