Chosen Survivors

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Film (1974). Alpine-Churubusco/Metromedia. Directed by Sutton Roley. Written by H B Cross, Joe Reb Moffly, based on a story by Cross. Cast includes Jackie Cooper, Alex Cord, Bradford Dillman and Richard Jaeckel. 99 minutes. Colour.

This US/Mexico coproduction is a small-scale, inventive little exploitation movie whose plot-line is purest Paranoia. In a government test on stress reactions, 11 people are hoaxed into believing that nuclear war is devastating the world. These "chosen survivors" are forced by the army into an elaborate bomb-shelter deep beneath the desert. Once locked in, they learn – this seems not to be part of the experiment – that lethal vampire bats have been trapped inside with them. Character conflicts and bat attacks ensue in an unpretentious piece from a director more commonly associated with television. [PN/JB]


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