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(?   -    ) US author of a wide range of titles, some as Joe Claro, some as Joseph Claro; those of sf interest include I Can Predict the Future (1972); two Love Bug Ties, Herbie Goes Bananas (1980) and Herbie the Matchmaker (1982); and other film Ties including Condorman (1981), Voyagers! (1982) and SpaceCamp (1986). [JC]

Joseph Claro




  • I Can Predict the Future (New York: Lothrop Lee and Shepard, 1972) [hb/]
  • Herbie Goes Bananas (New York: Scholastic Book Service, 1980) [tie: Love Bug: pb/]
  • Condorman (New York: Scholastic Book Service, 1981) [tie: Walt Disney Productions film Condorman (1981): pb/]
  • Herbie the Matchmaker (New York: Scholastic Book Service, 1982) [tie: Love Bug: pb/]
  • Voyagers! (New York: Scholastic/Point, 1982) [tie: pb/]
  • SpaceCamp (New York: Scholastic/Point, 1986) [tie: pb/]


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