Covell, Ian

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(1953-2019) UK author, bibliographer, book dealer and university administrator who first began to publish work of genre interest with "Some Notes on British Authors" for The Science-Fiction Collector in July 1977. Interviews with John Brunner, Michael Moorcock and Bob Shaw appeared in Science Fiction Review 1978-1979. Later work includes the J T McIntosh study J.T. McIntosh: Memoir & Bibliography (1987 chap), the DAW Books checklist An Index to DAW Books (1989 chap) and the A E van Vogt bibliography A.E. van Vogt: Master of Null-A: A Working Bibliography (1997 chap) with Phil Stephensen-Payne.

For a quarter of a century, from February 1994 until his death, Covell supplied the "British Books" and "British Forthcoming Books" listings for Locus magazine. He co-edited three issues of the Michael Moorcock Fanzine The Time Centre Times (1995-1996) with John Davey, Maureen Davey and D J Rowe; and provided much valuable information for the second and current (third) editions of this encyclopedia. [DRL]

Ian Covell

born UK: 1953

died Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire: 11 December 2019




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