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Pseudonym of US authors Laura Spencer Portor Pope (1872-1957) and Dorothy Giles (?   -?   ) for their Yellow Ape sequence, comprising The Valley of Creeping Men (1930) and Chattering Gods (1931), in which two young women – along with the man they both love, and mysterious figures associated with Dr Sergius Marakoff, the Mad Scientist father of one of the girls – find themselves embroiled in adventures after his death and the disappearance of a strange yellow ape (see Apes as Human). The trail leads complicatedly to Africa, where a Lost World is discovered, though it is inhabited now only by upright black apes (see Devolution). The ultimate function of the yellow ape itself (or himself) is never fully articulated, though the discovery of a world-changing chemical may be implicated. Both authors published non-fantastic work solo under their own names. [JC]

Laura Spencer Portor Pope

born Covington, Kentucky: 4 February 1872

died Putnam Country, New York: 1957

Dorothy Giles


died Putnam County, New York?



Yellow Ape


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