Cross, Ronald Anthony

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(1937-2006) US author who began publishing sf with "The Story of Three Cities" in New Worlds 6 (anth 1973) edited by Michael Moorcock and Charles Platt; the tale's steely moroseness characterizes a good deal of his work in shorter forms, much of it posthumously assembled as The Ronald Anthony Cross Science Fiction & Fantasy Megapack: 20 Great Tales (coll 2019 ebook). His first novel, Prisoners of Paradise (1988), bleakly generates a sense that the Fantasy-Island-type trap it depicts is not to be escaped from, that the prisoner who is its protagonist will never escape the Pocket Universe hotel in which he is immured. The Eternal Guardians sequence, beginning with The Fourth Guardian (1994), is a fantasy of history (see Secret Masters). [JC]

Ronald Anthony Cross

born Hollywood, California: 12 September 1937

died Sherman Oaks, California: 1 March 2006



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