Cruso, Solomon

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(1887-1977) US author of three sf novels told in terms of a Future History perspective some centuries hence, but all disfigured to modern taste through the intense racism of the narrative. In The Last of the Japs and the Jews (1933), a moderately Near Future world war climaxes in 1987 – after millions of Jews have already been eliminated in a long world-wide conflict – when a vast earthquake sinks Japan, and all the remaining Jews, under the waves; as the Jews had retained knowledge of at least one appalling secret weapon, the world is saved. In the sequels – Messiah on the Horizon: Romance? Novel? Revelation? Prophecy? (1940) and Two Trillion Immortals: Romance? Novel? Prophecy? Reality? (1946) this dire outcome is transubstantiated into theological fantasy, as Europe is severed from the world and becomes another Moon and the souls of the saved are given lessons through the memoirs of Jehovah. [JC]

Solomon Cruso

born 13 April 1887

died December 1977



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