Dalek I Love You

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Shortlived UK electropop band, formed by David Balfe (1958-    ) and Alan Gill (?1958-    ). The group's peculiar name was a compromise between Balfe's desire to name the band "Dalek" after the Doctor Who villains (see Daleks) and Gill's preference for "Darling I Love You". Their debut album Compass Kumpass (1980) includes an oblique celebration of the Doctor Who universe, "Destiny (Dalek I Love You)"; and their second and ultimate album, Dalek I Love You (1983) includes a song named after and based upon Leonard Wibberley's novel The Mouse that Roared (1955; vt The Wrath of Grapes 1955). Nick Griffiths, a journalist unconnected with the band, took the name as the title for his 2007 memoir of life as a Doctor Who fan. [AR]

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