Dallas, Paul V

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(1921-1984) Maltese-born radio broadcaster and author who moved early to the USA and published a number of magazine stories in the 1950s, the first under his own name being "The Idiot" in Amazing Stories for November 1956. Further sales to Amazing and its sister magazine Fantastic followed, some bylined Paul Dallas with no middle initial; stories also reportedly appeared under various editor-imposed pseudonyms. The author's only novel is The Lost Planet (1956), an sf adventure for the Young Adult audience. There is a threat of War between Earth and the octopus-like Aliens of the titular world Poseida, whose civilization lies largely Under the Sea; an emerging friendship between youngsters of both species helps save the day. [JC/DRL]

Paul Vladimir Dallas

born Valletta, Malta: 11 December 1921 [confirmed by birth certificate despite the author's occasional claim to have been born in Plymouth, Devon]

died Hastings-on-Hudson, New York: July 1984



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