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(1649-1728) French historian, polemical theologian and author whose Voiage du Monde de Descartes (1690; trans Thomas Taylor as A Voyage to the World of Cartesius 1692) is a Fantastic Voyage through the Cartesian universe, eventually carrying its protagonists beyond the Moon into outer "space" (it has been speculated that Daniel was the first to use the word in this sense). Space turns out to contain at least one philosopher's heaven [for Afterlife see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below], where the followers of Aristotle and René Descartes (1596-1650) dispute on Cosmology and other matters. Descartes, who is Daniel's main target, is found at the close of the tale correcting God's errors. [PN/JC]

see also: Proto SF; Space Flight.

Gabriel Daniel

born Rouen, France: 8 February 1649

died Paris: 23 June 1728


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