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(1924-1993) US fan, newspaper sports editor, art collector and Small-Press publisher, chiefly of limited-edition art books assembling work by Hannes Bok, Edd Cartier, Stephen Fabian and Virgil Finlay. Edited works include Bok: A Tribute to the Late Fantasy Artist (anth 1974 chap) with Sam Moskowitz, and Klarkash-ton and Monstro Ligriv (anth 1974 chap), the latter assembling unpublished poetry by Clark Ashton Smith, artwork and poetry by Virgil Finlay, and letters from Smith to Finlay. De la Ree had published Fanzines as early as the 1930s – his early title Sun Spots ran for 29 issues, 1939-1947 – and he was inducted into the First Fandom Hall of Fame in 1994. [DRL]

Giroux de Forest de la Ree

born Oradell, New Jersey: 7 September 1924

died Saddle River, New Jersey: 2 January 1993


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