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Pseudonym of Scottish chemist and author Jack D Stephen (1953-    ), who was active in UK Fandom under his own name, and who began publishing work of genre interest with "The Face of the Waters", as by Jack Deighton, in New Worlds 2 (anth 1992) edited by David S Garnett. His only novel to date, A Son of the Rock: A Space Libretto (1997), which unusually combines Space Opera and Dystopia in its depiction of an interstellar culture based on the exploitation of other planets and races, and upon a manipulative obsession with the artificially sustained youthfulness (until ageing suddenly occurs) of its consumer citizens. At novel's end, a shift from Faster Than Light technology to Matter Transmission augurs a complex upheaval, which is examined to some extent in a later story, "Shift" (July 2000 Spectrum SF). [JC]

Jack D Stephen

born Dumbarton, Scotland: 1953




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