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(1934-    ) US author whose first novel, A Lovely Monster: The Adventures of Claude Rains and Dr Tellenbeck (1975), applies a sharply fabulistic eye (see Fabulation) to Southern California and to the Frankenstein myth. Scimitar (1977), set in a similar region of California, is an anatomical Satire of the panicky responses of urban America to the imploding Near Future. Cinder (1978), contrastingly, celebrates an old man's last days, which he spends (in every sense) in the company of a genie, also ageing and also determined to seize the day. The stories assembled in Jack & Jill: Two Novellas and a Story (coll 1979) hover at the edge of sf, as do some of the contents of Under the Wheat (coll 1986), notably the terrifying title story and "Weeds"; The Coming Triumph of the Free World (coll 1988); and Apocalypse Then: Stories (coll 2004). Some of DeMarinis's middle-period novels avoid any Equipoisal drift into the larger realms of the fantastic, though more recently novels like A Clod of Wayward Marl (2001) or the absurdist Mama's Boy (2010) reflect the whole range of his career, as he continues to interrogate the margins of the mundane. [JC]

Rick DeMarinis

born New York: 3 May 1934


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