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Pseudonym of UK illustrator and author Vince Haig (1976-    ); Haig has been the partner of Helen Marshall since 2015. As Devlin he began publishing work of genre interest with "Passion Play" in Black Static for issue 28 2014. His work, much of which has been assembled as You Will Grow Into Them (coll 2017), has been restricted to shorter forms, and seems to owe some of its quietly competent generic elusiveness to the work of Robert Aickman (1914-1981). In their subtle challenging of formal expectations, and their constant resorting to metamorphic transits, his work can readily be understood in terms of twenty-first century Fantastika. "Her First Harvest" (May-June 2015 Interzone) is sf set on a colony planet (see Colonization of Other Worlds) where the cost of maintaining a human presence is immense. [JC]

Vince Haig

born Oxford, Oxfordshire: 1 August 1976




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