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(1879-1947) UK seaman and author, chiefly of sea stories, many published as by Captain Dingle. His pseudonyms include Brian Cotterell and, more prolifically, "Sinbad". It has been suggested that Fletcher's Island (1932; vt Sinister Eden 1934) as by Brian Cotterell is sf or supernatural, but it is in fact a detective novel in an exotic setting. As "Sinbad", he wrote two Lost World tales, Pirates May Fly (1943) and The Age-Old Kingdom (19 August-9 September 1922 Argosy All-Story Weekly; 1947), in which a white queen rules a lost civilization of Incas. [JC]

Captain Aylward Edward Dingle

born Oxford: 1879

died Cornwall: 30 October 1947



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