Donnelly, H Grattan

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(1850-1931) Irish-born playwright and author, in US from early manhood; he wrote three sf novels: The Coming Crown (1880 chap), a Satire on tendencies he detected for the American presidency to become a form of monarchy in the Near Future; '84, a Political Revelation (1883 chap), which predicts further postbellum turmoils; and The Stricken Nation (1890 chap), depicting a Future War in which an unprepared America is devastated by a ruthless Great Britain (see Invasion). The cover illustration for this tale includes an early depiction of the Statue of Liberty under threat (see Ruins and Futurity). Darkest Russia (1896) is a melodrama featuring nihilists in Russia; its fantastic content, if any, has not been determined. [JC]

Henry Grattan Donnelly (first name has also been given as Hugh)

born Ireland: 1850

died New York: July 1931



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