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US low-paying Online Magazine published by Lesley Smith of Boulder, Colorado, initially with the editorial assistance of David Hughes, Renata Hill and Georgia Simonds but now edited by Betsy Dornbusch and David Hughes. Originally published three times a year, the magazine began in Spring 2006 and went quarterly from Spring 2010. The first four volumes, until Winter 2009, were downloadable in pdf format, but issues are now only accessible at the website. Electric Spec is one of the few online magazines to publish its readership figures which, for a sample period between September 2007 and January 2009 averaged just under 3000 a month. The contents have included the full range of sf, fantasy and horror and is mostly capable work by lesser known writers though stories by David Redd and budding crime novelist Stuart Neville appeared in the early issues. There have been interviews with James E Gunn (Spring 2007), Barth Anderson (Fall 2007) and Robert J Sawyer (Spring 2008). The occasional ingenious story appears, such as the Fantasy "Birth of a New Day" (Spring 2011) by Frederick Obermeyer where complications arise requiring a special midwife for the birth of a new day. [MA]


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