Engel, Lyle Kenyon

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(1915-1986) Canadian editor, book packager and author, though it is now claimed that he did not in fact edit Uncanny Tales 1940-1943 in Canada, though it seems to have genuinely edited Space Science Fiction Magazine and Tales of the Frightened in 1957. He also "produced" the Richard Blade Sword-and-Sorcery sequence, whose 37 titles appeared under the House Name Jeffrey Lord (most were by Manning Lee Stokes and Roland J Green; Engel may have himself written some of the later titles), as well as the Dracula and Horrorscope series by Robert Lory. Through his packaging firm, Book Creations Inc, Engel created the Kent Family Chronicles, which made their author, John Jakes, famous. [JC]

Lyle Kenyon Engel

born New York: 12 May 1915

died Boca Raton, Florida: 10 August 1986


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