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(1966-    ) US academic and author who gained considerable attention with his first novel, the non-fantastic Father of Lies (1998), about a senior functionary in a secretive religion who engages in child abuse; Evenson was evicted from the Church of the Latter Day Saints, in which he had been raised, after the publication of this tale of horror. Most of his subsequent work is horror, or Horror in SF, though much of it is deeply and transgressively Equipoisal; a noir tale like The Brotherhood of Mutilation (2003 chap; exp as coll of linked stories/fixup Last Days 2009), takes its deadpan equation of Religion with a gang of self-mutilating criminals far beyond anything resembling the mimetic, hinting before it closes that the maimed detective at its heart is the Messiah and that the End of the World is therefore nigh; its thematic side-rider Baby Leg (2009) places a similarly mutilated protagonist in a medical establishment where he is experimented upon by a Mad Scientist. Both these tales end in Slingshot Endings that hint strongly that the Torture never stops: for everything repeats in Hell: damage is forever. In a more direct sf vein – though the landscape traversed by the Mutant protagonist evokes the theatre of Samuel Beckett – the manipulated protagonist of Immobility (2012) is periodically awoken in a state of Amnesia out of Suspended Animation to exercise his augmented powers in the performance of arcane missions. Between each excursion, he suffers a memory wipe (see Memory Edit), so as to be clean for the next appalling task; the Slingshot Ending clearly thrusts the protagonist, once again, into a nightmare of vastation (see again Horror in SF).

Of further direct sf interest are two Ties. The protagonist of Aliens: No Exit (2008) as B K Evenson, which is tied to the Aliens universe (see Alien), awakens from Cryogenic slumber into a Near Future world where the menacing Aliens have been co-opted by private enterprise. In his Ties to the Videogame Dead Space (2008), the long and ambitious Dead Space: Martyr (2010) as B K Evenson is prequel set hundreds of years before the main action of the game in the twenty-sixth century CE, and offers some sf explanations for the incursion of Aliens who spread their empire by transforming the living into "Necromorphs", describing as well the beginnings of the loathsome Church of Unitology; Dead Space: Catalyst (2012), set within the main story-arc of the series, only loosely attends to its central plot. [JC]

Brian K Evenson

born Ames, Iowa: 12 August 1966




Dead Space

individual titles

  • Father of Lies (New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, 1998) [hb/Julie Metz]
  • Dark Property: An Affliction (New York: Hammer Books/Black Square Editions, 2002) [pb/Lisa Stefanelli]
  • The Open Curtain (Minneapolis, Minnesota: Coffee House Press, 2006) [pb/Linda S Koutsky]
  • Aliens: No Exit (Milwaukie, Oregon: Dark Horse Books, 2008) as B K Evenson [tie to the Aliens universe: Alien: pb/Stephen Youll]
  • Immobility (New York: Tor, 2012) [hb/Getty Images]
  • The Lords of Salem (New York: Grand Central Publishing, 2013) with Robert Bartleth Cummings writing as Rob Zombie [tie to the film: The Lords of Salem (2012): Basilisks: pb/]

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