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Informal fan organization founded in 1959 by Bob Madle and Don Ford, originally confined to those active in Fandom prior to 1 January 1938. Owing to the inevitable attrition of these "golden era" or "dinosaur" fans, associate membership has for many years been available to anyone participating in fan activities (including Fanzines, Conventions and sf clubs) for 30 or more years. Two awards are presented. Distinguished fans are annually added to the First Fandom Hall of Fame in both living and posthumous categories. Also, since 1998, the less regular Sam Moskowitz Archive Award is presented for excellence in sf collecting (see Collections). These awards, along with other relevant information such as First Fandom obituaries and brief biographies of newly inducted members, are announced in the quarterly newsletter Scientifiction currently edited by John L Coker III. [DRL]


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