Flood, Leslie

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(1921-2007) UK sf book dealer, reviewer and literary agent who was one of the co-founders of the International Fantasy Award and (as Secretary) reported this award's progress in several New Worlds articles beginning with "A Merit for Fantasy" (May 1952). He was assistant editor for Science Fantasy #7 (1954). His lucid sf book reviews, signed "L Flood", appeared regularly in New Worlds from #24 (June 1954) to #141 (April 1964), the last issue to be edited by John Carnell. As a reader for Gollancz from roughly 1965 to 1970, Flood helped shape the influential Gollancz sf list. Following Carnell's death in 1972, he took over the sf-specialist E J Carnell Literary Agency and ran this effectively until retiring in 1986; his retirement was marked by a special British Fantasy Award from the British Fantasy Society. [DRL]

Leslie Flood

born London: 25 August 1921

died Marbella, Spain: 1 August 2007


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