Foster, David

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(1944-    ) Australian author, much of whose work hovers close to the fantastic (see Equipoise), like Moonlite (1981), through whose floridly picaresque structure an exorbitant vision of the history of Australian immigration can be discerned, or The Adventures of Christian Rosy Cross (1986), a tale reminiscent of the work of Thomas Pynchon whose protagonist (1378-1483) is (or is not) an avatar of the Rosicrucianism – which was not in fact fabricated until he has been dead for more than a century. Foster's one sf novel, The Empathy Experiment (1977) with D K Lyall, is set in a Dystopian Near Future in which a scientist manipulates his subjects in order to milk them of empathy, which in isolation consists of a form of energy which can be used for non-empathetic purposes. [JC]

David Manning Foster

born Sydney, New South Wales: 15 May 1944




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