From the Earth to the Moon

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Film (1958). Waverly/RKO. Directed by Byron Haskin, starring Joseph Cotton, George Sanders, Deborah Paget. Screenplay Robert Blees, James Leicester, adapted from Jules Verne's De la terre à la lune (1865) and Autour de la lune (1870), the two published together in English translation as From the Earth to the Moon (1873). 100 minutes. Colour.

Using a new explosive, a projectile carrying human passengers is fired at the Moon from a huge cannon. Paget plays a pretty stowaway. The film, shot in Mexico, is slow-moving and has painful dialogue; it is perhaps the dullest sf movie ever made. There are no scenes on the Moon.

A comic version, bearing no relation to Verne's novel, was the UK Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon (1967; vt Those Fantastic Flying Fools) directed by Don Sharp from a screenplay by Dave Freeman, in which a series of farcical misadventures – the rocket lands in Russia, not on the Moon – keeps the story effectively Earthbound. There is a novelization with the same title by Jim Fagan. [PN/JB]

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