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Pseudonym of UK weapons expert, journalist and author William Oliver Greener (1862-1935) for most of his work, both fiction and nonfiction, though at least one thriller appeared under his real name. His first novel of genre interest, Rufin's Legacy: A Theosophical Romance (1892), features a Russian female spy who uses her astral body nefariously; Phantasms: Original Stories Illustrating Posthumous Personality and Character (coll 1895) assembles fantasies about an Occult Detective [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below]. The Warstock: A Tale of To-Morrow (1898) is a genuine sf novel in which the Isocrats, a group of brilliant inventors, establishes in Morocco an advanced City-state called Cristalia, seemingly armoured against Invasion. But a rival city-state funded by Germany, using fifth-columnists, takes over, though without reckoning on the eponymous Weapon, a device which randomly triggers ammunition dumps worldwide. The scientists then reoccupy the city and prepare to rule the world from their technological meritocracy. [JC]

William Oliver Greener

born Aston, Warwickshire: 1862

died Kingsbridge, Devon: 10 August 1935



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