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Pseudonym of French military pilot and author Marc Edmond de Lafargue (?   -?   ), used for a Future War novel, Haut les ailes! Carnet de route d'un officier aviateur pendant la guerre de 19– (1914; trans Bernard Miall as With Wings Outspread: A Romance of the War of 1920 1915): presumably because the book was written (and perhaps released) before World War One began, the action focuses in the French version on the exploits of a French aviator, who kills the Kaiser. This conflict between France and Germany, also featuring the use of advanced Zeppelins (see Airships), is dated 1920 in the English-language edition, where Lafargue's pseudonym is given as Gouvrieux. He is apparently not the French poet Marc Lafargue (1876-1927). [JC]

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