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(1970-    ) US author whose early stories, assembled in How It Was for Me (coll 2000), veer toward the metaphorical in their attempts to create iconic tales of American life today, but whose novels more successfully allow their fantastic elements to illuminate the world. In The Path of Minor Planets (2001), the lives of two scientists who dispute discovery of a Comet periodically change in tune with the comet's reappearances, slyly linking Astronomy (rather than astrology) as capable of mapping (or at least supervising) significant outcomes. The Confessions of Max Tivoli (2004), an sf novel, sensitively replays the topoi of the life lived backwards (see Time in Reverse), though in this case it is the body that moves back from old age, while the mind within moves from infancy forward. The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells (2013) is a Time Travel tale whose protagonist – via electroconvulsive shocks administrated by her therapist – travels back into various Alternate History versions of New York, each occupied by its own version of Greta Wells. The ensuing dilemmas are perhaps worked through more lightly than the implications of this sort of tale might warrant. [JC]

Andrew Sean Greer

born Washington, District of Columbia: 1970


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