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US downloadable Online Magazine, also published in Semiprozine print form, based in Laconia, New Hampshire, but founded by British author Mike Coombes. It began with an issue #0, Spring 2007 and appeared twice yearly although issue #5 was delayed, dated Winter 2009 but not released until June and after issue #6 (Summer 2010) a server problem led to a lengthy hiatus with issue #7, the last, not appearing until Spring 2016. The editorial role rotated through a collective that includes Julia Bernd, Sal Coraccio, Kaolin Fire, Sue Miller and Debbie Moorhouse.

The title stands for Greatest Uncommon Denominator, indicating the diversity and disparity of the magazine. Presented as a literary journal, GUD places its emphasis on flexibility, pushing the genre boundaries or, as its website has termed it, "science fiction that stretches to the fantastic". The magazine included much short material, notably poems, Flash Fiction and artwork, allowing for Slipstream, fable and Magic Realism, but science fiction is never far away, ranging from Debbie Moorhouse's "Sundown" (Spring 2007 #0) to Andrew N Tisbert's "Getting Yourself On" (Winter 2009 #5), depicting diverging future visions. [MA]


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