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(1952-    ) US author and critic who began publishing standalone work of genre interest with "Griots of the Galaxy" in So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction & Fantasy (anth 2004) edited by Nalo Hopkinson and Uppinder Mehan. This was preceded by "Excerpt from Mindscape" in Dark Matter: Reading the Bones (anth 2004) edited by Sheree R Thomas, a portion of Hairston's first novel Mindscape (2006). In this novel the internecine squabbles of Earth are intensified when an Alien Barrier divides the planet into warzones (see Godgame). She has also been active in sf Theatre, writing and directing a number of genre plays. A contributor to various critical anthologies and journals, she received the IAFA Award for distinguished scholarship in 2011; in Lonely Stardust: Two Plays, a Speech, and Eight Essays (coll 2014), she includes essays on Octavia E Butler, District 9 (2009) and Metropolis (1926). Redwood and Wildfire (2011), a fantasy, won the James Tiptree Jr Award. [JC/DRL]

Andrea D Hairston

born July 1952



  • Mindscape (Seattle, Washington: Aqueduct Press, 2006) [excerpt published in Dark Matter: Reading the Bones (anth 2004) edited by Sheree R Thomas: pb/Pam Sanders]
  • Redwood and Wildfire (Seattle, Washington: Aqueduct Press, 2011) [pb/Nic Ularu]
  • Will Do Magic for Small Change (Seattle, Washington: Aqueduct Press, 2016) [coll: pb/Nic Ularu]


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