Hammond, Aubrey

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(1894-1940) UK set designer, art director and illustrator, well known in these capacities; in active service during World War One. His first film as art director, Hyde Park Corner (1935), directed by Sinclair Hill, is Fantasy. Hammond is of importance as an sf illustrator almost solely for one work, his remarkably strong wraparound Art Deco cover for the first English translation of Thea von Harbou's Metropolis (1926; trans 1927). Its menacingly iconic conflation of the Robot/Android and the City is a significant milestone in the evolution of the sf cover Illustration, and stands comparison with the remarkable array of covers created for European publications of von Harbou's novelization of Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1926). [JC]

Aubrey Hammond

born Folkestone, Kent: 18 September 1894

died London: 19 March 1940


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