Harris, Clare Winger

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(1891-1968) US author (known also as Mrs F C Harris), daughter of F S Winger; she was the first woman to publish sf in the specialized 1920s Pulp magazines in America, beginning with "A Runaway World" for Weird Tales in July 1926. "The Fate of the Poseidonia" (June 1927 Amazing) won third prize in an Amazing contest; unusually for the time, it features a female lead. Harris also experimented with a female point of view in "The Fifth Dimension" (December 1928 Amazing), and her stories generally feature strong women, most notably Sylvia, airplane pilot and mechanic in "The Ape Cycle" (Spring 1930 Science Wonder Quarterly). Her work often dealt with beings on the borders of humanity – Cyborgs and ape-people (see Apes as Human) in particular. When she assembled her work in Away from Here and Now: Stories in Pseudo-Science (coll 1947), she was forced to use a vanity press; she has been reprinted with some frequency since, and she has been focused upon as an early Feminist in the field. A novel, Persephone of Eleusis: A Romance of Ancient Greece (1923), is an historical fiction. [JD]

Clare Winger Harris

born Freeport, Illinois: 18 January 1891

died Pasadena, California: October 1968



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