Hatfield, Richard

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(1853-?   ) US author of a Lost Race tale, Geyserland: Empiricisms in Social Reform: Being Data and Observations Recorded by the Late Mark Stubble, MD, PhD: (A Tentative Edition) (1908), which – via a seventeenth-century manuscript by Adam Mann [sic] discovered by the late Mark Stubble and conveyed to Hatfield – argues for a shifting of Earth's axis in 9262 BCE, which dooms various species to extinction, and traps the citizens of Geyserland in the Arctic near Greenland, where they are discovered millennia later; love blooms between Adam and the young Geyserlander Evrona (see Adam and Eve), but doom (see Clichés) sets in. [JC]

Richard Hatfield

born 1853




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