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(?   -    ) US screenwriter, broadcaster and author who is known in the latter capacity for the Darkside Trilogy beginning with Discovery (2009) which describes the discovery of an African American colony that has been living on the other side of the Moon since before the first official American Moon landing. Part Pariah Elite, part Secret Masters, they have developed advanced science and Technology in secret; and as the series continues – projected to occupy several volumes – it may be expected that they may in some significant fashion come to represent Homo sapiens to the galaxies at large. Hayashi currently hosts The Genesis Science Fiction Radio Series which discusses sf from a black perspective [see links below]. [JC]

William Hayashi

born Chicago, Illinois




Darkside Trilogy

  • Discovery (Bloomington, Indiana: Xlibris, 2009) [Darkside Trilogy: pb/]
  • Conception (Bloomington, Indiana: Xlibris, 2013) [Darkside Trilogy: pb/]
  • Confrontation (Bloomington, Indiana: Xlibris, 2015) [Darkside Trilogy: pb/]


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