Hile, William H

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(1869-1943) US geologist, entrepreneur – he founded the African Ostrich Farm and Feather Company in 1909 to sell ostrich products, profits (which proved to be as scarce as hens' teeth) to be shared with its African suppliers – and author of a Lost Race novel, The Ostrich for the Defense (1912), set in the heart of Asia Minor, where a white queen named Zar rules a benign Utopia on lines enhancing social cooperation; the eponymous Ostrich is a cooperative firm more or less identical to Hile's real-life farm, but in the novel it is successful. Hile's Rosicrucian beliefs [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below] are espoused in the text. [JC]

William Henry Hile

born Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania: 10 October 1869

died Toledo, Ohio: 29 August 1943



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