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Pseudonym of US author Emily P Devenport (?1958-    ), married to Ernest Hogan, who also published one novel as by Maggy Thomas; it was as Emily Hogan that she appeared as guest of honour of a 2008 US Convention. She began publishing work of genre interest with "Shade and the Elephant Man" for Aboriginal, May/June 1987, as Emily Devenport. Her novels under this name, beginning with the Shade sequence comprising Shade (1991) and Larissa (1993), tended to feature tough-love female protagonists in mean-streets Space Opera venues; her later sequence, the Belarus books comprising Belarus (2002) and Enemies (2003), though overcomplicated, intriguingly steps into deeper waters, with Horror in SF elements compacting with First Contact elements on a Russian colony planet (see Colonization of Other Worlds). [JC/SH]

Emily P Devenport

born ?1958





  • Shade (New York: Penguin/Roc, 1991) as by Emily Devenport [Shade: pb/]
  • Larissa (New York: Penguin/Roc, 1993) as by Emily Devenport [Shade: pb/]


  • Eggheads (New York: Penguin/Roc, 1996) as by Emily Devenport [Eggheads: pb/Donato Giancola]
  • GodHeads (New York: Penguin/Roc, 1998) as by Emily Devenport [Eggheads: pb/Donato Giancola]


  • Belarus (New York: Penguin/Roc, 2002) as by Lee Hogan [Belarus: pb/Matt Stawicki]
  • Enemies (New York: Penguin/Roc, 2003) as by Lee Hogan [Belarus: pb/Matt Stawicki]

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